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Have you ever thought of writing a cookbook? Maybe you’re thinking about it now for the first time. Either way, if the thought of writing a cookbook has ever entered your mind, you really need to read every word on this page because There’s Money in Cookbooks.

Did you know that cookbooks are one of the top two best-selling genres of all books, second only to mystery novels? That’s right – more cookbooks are sold than any other type of book with the exception of mysteries! Incredibly, cookbooks out-sell romance novels, biographies, self help books, heath and nutrition titles…you name it.

The market for cookbooks is endless and insatiable. Cookbook buyers typically don’t buy just one cookbook. They often don’t stop after several. Cookbook buyers frequently have huge collections of cookbooks. And they’re always interested in more.

Consumers purchase a whopping 60 million cookbooks each year. And that’s just the figure for North America. The numbers of cookbooks sold in any given year are equally staggering in the UK, Europe and many other parts of the globe as well. Foreign rights sales of your cookbook can add up to even more additional income when you become a cookbook author. Cookbooks are a huge, thriving, lucrative industry.

Think about it. People give cookbooks as gifts. They read them for pleasure. They collect them. They proudly display them on their bookshelves, in their kitchens and on their coffee tables. And of course, they use them for their very practical purpose – to cook from!

Everyone eats. And almost everyone will at some point cook or bake and use a cookbook to try and do it better.

Stop to consider what all this really means for a moment and you’ll start to realize the opportunity and potential here. Play this right and writing a cookbook could turn into a very successful and profitable venture for you. In fact, your cookbook can ultimately lead to an entire enterprise around which a very lucrative business can be built. Cookbook authors get lucrative product endorsement deals and licensing arrangements, opportunties to host their own cooking shows or to write syndicated columns, and more.

Think of Martha Stewart. Did you know that her multi-million dollar empire all began with one cookbook when she was an unknown housewife? Yes, it was a cookbook that started it all for her.

Cookbooks are – and always have been – proven best-sellers. Each and every year cookbooks are included high up on the nation’s best-seller list. The market for cookbooks is huge – and it just continues to grow. There’s an enormous level of demand for cookbooks.

A published cookbook can be a terrific way to earn income and prestige, not to mention the admiration of others.

Can you just imagine the impressed looks you will get when you tell people that you are a published author. Friends, family, even complete strangers will be envious. But moreover, writing a cookbook is a rewarding experience which will give you an incredible sense of personal satisfaction, pride and fulfillment. And it can be profitable.

Writing a cookbook is a fun and very do-able way to earn some extra income for your family, or you can even launch an entire business if you decide to write more than one.

Writing a cookbook is also a terrific way to promote an exisiting business, restaurant, or to fundraise for charity, school or organization.

Whatever your motivation for writing a cookbook, the bottom line is writing a cookbook can make you money.

But writing a cookbook is more than just a way of generating some income now. That same cookbook has the potential to turn into a long-term profit producer. Cookbooks often continue to sell for many, many years after they were first published. A single cookbook can continue to provide long-term profits even years after you’ve written it.

So the cookbook you write now could very well still be making money for you five, ten, fifteen or more years from now. That’s referred to as "passive income" because after your initial investment of time and effort, you can sit back and spend your time doing other things while the money still continues to roll in.

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