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My friends and acquaintances began asking me for help on how to cut meat out of their diet. Then more people asked.

I never had an intention of sharing this with the world, but too many people were benefiting and….I realized I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer…. that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

I started writing down all that I’ve taught people over the last six years…everything from the reasons why and how you can save the lives of millions of animals…to the truth about protein and how to get enough vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy and full of energy…to discussing vegetarianism with family and friends by encouraging dialogue without confrontation…

Not to mention how to feel like you belong to a group that encourages each other and shares great information…to learning what questions to ask at restaurants to eat right and be healthy…

And most importantly, how to do all this without spending a lot of time on it, and without changing your daily lifestyle.

I’ve compiled all this information into a unique, comprehensive, and easy-to-use video series to help you begin to cut meat out of your diet at your own pace, and more importantly, to stay that way.

“I am in total awe how you have been able to put up information that is easy to digest, comprehensive in scope for its purpose. When I listen to you speak, I immediately say to myself, “this person really wants to help me,” because I know you are sincere.”

“What you are offering is a very well thought-out, informational and supportive way to help someone successfully become a vegetarian. I think the topics that especially stood out to me are ways to substitute stuff for meat, so you still get those flavors, and helping people with how they can explain why they made the choice they did.”

Separate, downloadable video (MP4) and audio (MP3) versions of each video to take with you on your iPod or MP3 player.

BONUS #1 ($17 Value): My one-on-one audio Interview with Martha Hopkins, author of the best selling book, Intercourses, in MP3 format. We cover everything from what foods work as aphrodisiacs to how to cook a quick and easy meal for a date.

BONUS #2 ($27 Value): The Top 7 Easy Vegetarian Pizza Recipes guide. Full of delicious recipes you can make in no time using a few tricks and secrets (that no one has to know about). Recipes range from Sausage & Sweet Pappadew Pepper pizza to Thai Peanut Pizza to even a Bacon Cheddar Burger pizza. Loved by vegetarians and omnivores alike!

There’s a TON of great info here, but I’ve designed it so that you won’t have to spend a whole lot of time going through it.

People have said to me that with this much content; all the videos, extra MP4+MP3 downloads, recipes, and bonus audio interviews, that I should charge up to $99 for the Vegetarian Done Right series.

I’ve thought long and hard about it. And I know I’m leaving money on the table, but it doesn’t matter — I want to provide you with the tools you need to eat better, feel better, and make a choice that will save the lives of millions of animals around the world.

If you join me today and invest in Vegetarian Done Right, I can offer you the whole series for only $67. That’s a great price.

However, if you promise to tell 3 friends about it this week, I’ll drop the price to only $37!

For less than the cost of going out to dinner, I’ll send you the ENTIRE VDR series IMMEDIATELY. No waiting — you could get started in less than a minute!

You’ve mulled it over for a long time. You’ve maybe even tried cutting meat out of your diet before and failed. Why not do it RIGHT this time?

Yes, Benjy! I’m ready to get healthy, feel good, have more energy, and save millions of lives in the process. Send me my own copy of Vegetarian Done Right, right now, through electronic delivery for the one-time price of $37.

P.S.: Did you see the 60-Day 100% Money Back… Read more…

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