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What if you could cook these same recipes, at any time, and for a fraction of the cost? Now you can!

Impress your friends and family with the restaurant meals they’ve come to know and love, at home! Your cooking will leave them astounded at your knowledge of the secret recipes of famous restaurants!

"Last night, it was too cold for my husband and I to go out to TGI Friday’s, so we stayed in and made the Potato Skins and Dijon Chicken Pasta from your e-cookbook. They tasted just like they came from the restaurant kitchen!"

Applebee’s Chili’s El Torito Olive Garden Outback Steakhouse Red Lobster Starbucks T.G.I. Fridays and more!

Restaurants guard their secret recipes like gold. Today I’m giving you all of the following hundreds of recipes from your favorite restaurants including:

The cookbook will pay for itself after you cook only one recipe! Order the e-cookbook now (Over 700 recipes in total), and 3 bonus cookbooks (800 + recipes) (total value > $75) for a risk free price of:

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