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It took much work and much begging, but I finally managed to convince my favorite cookbook authors to release some of their most secret recipes and share them with you.

In cookbooks, we only get a small sample of what these culinary professionals have to offer, but here, and only here, you’ll find the true gems of their kitchens.

Denise Hamilton — author of Fit to Cook — Why ‘Waist’ Time in The Kitchen? Denise has sold well over 250,000 copies of her book. Now it’s published internationally and the demand is huge.

Julie Van Rosendaal — author of One Smart Cookie and Grazing. Julie has created a national bestseller with One Smart Cookie and her soon to be released Grazing is already in demand. You’ve seen her in Woman’s World magazine, on TV all over the place, and she’s soon to be featured in People!

Linda Matthie-Jacobs — author of Fire ‘n Ice, Light the Fire and The Hotsauce Bottle Cookbook. Linda has published her bestselling cookbooks for years… one of them was even featured in the presenter’s giveaway bags at the Latino Grammys! Read more…

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