Restaurant Recipe Cookbook Volume One

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For over two decades my customers have requested these real restaurant recipes –recipes that actually work. Recipes for the food they enjoy on a daily basis. But they also want the opportunity to cook these meals at home for themselves, their families and their guests. They asked me to write a restaurant recipe cookbook. Here it is!

No longer will you need to rely on "best guess" or "nearly accurate" restaurant recipes or "cloned" restaurant recipes or totally unproven recipes. These are real restaurant recipes. This is a restaurant recipe cookbook you must have!

Cooking need not be a mystery, nor a burden, nor even very time consuming …and cooking from a recipe should certainly never be open to poor results. You need this restaurant recipe cookbook.

And with the clarity of these restaurant recipes, you do not have to be a particularly great cook to prepare a fabulous meal!

With this restaurant recipe cookbook, you will fill your kitchen with a delightful aroma of smells and taste treats!

You’ll easily be able to make your meal a tasty and memorable delight. This restaurant recipe cookbook will send you on your way to enjoying a culinary cuisine that your family and friends will enjoy (and remember) for years to come.

Can you imagine the surprised looks on your family or friends faces when they have enjoyed the prepared meal and you tell them you made it yourself! No catering is necessary with my restaurant recipe cookbook!

My excitement came when I learned that Donna Hager, long time owner of a very successful local restaurant had ventured into a new passion.

In response to years of being asked by customers for their favorite restaurant recipe, Donna wrote Real Restaurant Recipes: Food That Built a Business.

Her restaurant recipe cookbook provides some of the very best restaurant recipes ever, each loaded with classy home cooked goodness and nutrition.

Hoping to continue my luck I searched for the Almond Turkey Salad Recipe I enjoy so much as a lunch special, yup! Now I can make it at home!

Donna really wouldn’t give away her special Sweet and Sour House Dressing Recipe, would she? My gosh, yes!

As manager of our local Chamber of Commerce I spend a lot of time watching new ventures get established. This restaurant recipe cookbook is a winner!

You are doing a really great job. I did not even know you could build your own site. And now I discover you have written a cookbook with many of your secret restaurant recipes! It is great!

You know how busy I am with my own business and as a City Council member, but I really wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your restaurant and the food.

I always enjoy a bran muffin with my coffee and newspaper in the morning. And you see me three or four times a week for lunch! I really love your quiche and your Alaskan halibut and chips are so wonderful. I have never had better fish anywhere.

What a service your website and restaurant recipe cookbook are and will be to everyone interested in cooking. Thanks for the advance copy!

What a delight to have discovered your web site and cookbook! I took your suggestion and saved it on my desktop – reliable recipes with a click of the mouse!

Last night I tried your spinach salad and made a batch of your bran muffins and talk about perfection! Can’t count the number of bran muffin recipes I have tried over the years, none of them that exciting. Until now.

Thank you so much for your work and I look forward to receiving your e-newsletter and cooking many good meals using your e book.

I know you’ll be pleased with "Real Restaurant Recipes: Food That Built a Business," but rest assured – if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 56 days (8 weeks) of your purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

When pricing the cookbook I considered the 20 ++++ years spent developing and refining them and the work involved in rewriting them for absolute clarity. With well over 200 real restaurant recipes, the cost to… Read more…

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