My Recipes for Easy Gluten Free Baking

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I love baking! And I was good at it! But then my two youngest daughters were diagnosed as gluten intolerant. And I had to relearn everything I knew.

The first loaf of bread I baked could be used as a lethal weapon; it was so dry and hard. I tried toasting slices and smothering them in jam, but my kids just refused to eat it. I wanted to cry.

But now when one of my daughter’s birthday parties was approaching I felt nervous. My confidence was gone. Muffins turned out dry, cakes were tasteless. So I searched the internet for ideas.

But the recipes I found called for ingredients I had never heard of, let alone knew where to find; like xantan gum, guar gum and amaranth flour.

I had three children under the age of five and I had neither the time nor the energy to search for weird ingredients, and then mix several types of flour. There had to be an easier way.

Unfortunately gluten is what gives baked goods their texture, since gluten enables the dough to rise and bind together. So gluten-free bread and muffins tend to become both heavier and with less flavour.

The trick was to find a way to achieve a moist and light texture using an all purpose gluten-free flour.

After a long process of trial and error I came up with delicious AND Easy recipes that my daughters loved. What’s more, my third non-gluten intolerant daughter loved them. And all their friends loved them. And I loved baking again.

Because I found a way to increase the flavour and texture of my baked goods, using common ingredients I already had in my pantry.

What’s more, these same ingredients even made my cakes more nutritious that the standard gluten free variety.

If you buy a loaf of gluten free bread, or gluten free muffins at the supermarket; take a look at the long list of preservatives and additives.

I didn’t want to feed my daughters junk. I wanted my kids to get all the vitamins and protein they needed to stay healthy.

Anyway after a couple of years of successful gluten free baking I had put together almost 80 recipies, that I would like to share with you:

HEAVENLY RICH BANANA BREAD MUFFINS… Are rich and tasty muffins with nuts or chunks of chocolate. Vanish so quickly that if you want to save some, freeze them at once!

LAYERED CAKE… This is a wonderful fluffy cake that can be filled with different creams and jams and lavishly decorated.

MARMALADE TREATS… Sometimes you just need a treat! These are yummy and beautiful marmalade treats.

You could sift through endless gluten free sites looking for recipes with ingredients you might be able to find. A simpler approach is to let someone else do the work for you.

I spent a couple of years developing these recipes.There is a learning curve to gluten free baking, but you can shorten it considerably.

I am sure that you will be delighted with them, but if for any reason you aren’t – I’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked. And what’s more – you get to keep the entire package anyway – book and all the bonuses. I really can’t give you a better guarantee than that.

But if you don’t find these books helpful, let me know anytime within 60 days and I will refund your money!

Yes, it is possible to bake delicious cakes and desserts – without sugar or artificial sweeteners! No junk – just good stuff! Of course these recipes are dairy – and gluten free too. But this offer is only temporary as my colleague Sheena MacLennan will soon be releasing this book on the market

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