Make, Eat, Save., Take Lunch To Work: A book to help you cut spending, save money and eat healthful food

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At work, many of us spend between 5-10 dollars, a day, that is, 35-70 dollars a week, just to buy lunch. This is a conservative estimate. Some statistics indicate that lunch spending may even be, as high as, $100 a week. You can certainly reduce this amount of expense.

From the first day you take your own lunch to work, you will cut your spending. Another huge benefit to taking your own lunch to work, is that, you will eat food that is more nourishing & healthful than fast foods.

Nirmala likes to cook & entertain. She is known for her delicious vegan & vegetarian foods. She also blends her own spices.

You will find her recipes easy to follow. The tasty lunches, with their tantalizing aromas, will soon arouse the curiosity of your colleagues.

Nirmala’s ebook, Make, Eat, Save., Take Lunch To Work, has recipes for every day of the week. When you begin to use the recipes in this ebook, you will cut spending, save money, & eat delicious, healthful lunches. Read more…


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