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Hello, my name is Mark Adams. I’m a professional winemaker, an author and frequent speaker on wine. I’ve had the opportunity to teach thousands of people about wine over the years. Ya know, in the beginning, most of them are intimidated about learning wine.

But in reality, wine is pretty easy to learn. It just takes somebody who is knowledgeable showing you how, in the right way.

So when I decided to start teaching wine classes, I was determined not to teach classes in the “traditional” way of breaking down wine regions and boring memorization. I wanted people to enjoy wine as I do, not be frustrated by it.

So I created a series of classes that emphasized the fun and easy parts of wine, not the long-winded boring stuff and you know what? Our classes became a huge success!

Since I’m only one person and can’t teach live wine classes to everyone, I decided to write this book with some the most important topics we cover in our classes.

I wrote the Really Fun Wine book for those of you who like to learn through reading. The book is fun, light hearted and easy to ready. No traditional, boring wine snobbery here! It contains 81 pages crammed full of wine stuff you need to know. You can see the table of contents below. I have included a excerpt here if you would like to read that first.

A little drama never hurt anybody Gravity is your friend Forget about the Kung Fu Grip Acronyms Galore Don’t be a Helicopter The schnoz is king You’ve already used mouthwash That’s how we roll

Did you like your first beer? Crazy wine words Take the wine challenge Turn the lights on Sweet, huh? White Red

Wine Glasses Storing Wine The right temperature How much wine to serve How to pair wine and chocolate How to pair wine and cheese How to pair wine and food Ordering Wine in a restaurant Going to a wine festival Visiting a winery How to shop for wine and more!

I don’t talk like a wine snob or use industry lingo. Just simple conversational language, that’s designed to help you get over the hurdle of learning about wine. You’ll be able to follow these lessons effortlessly.

Because this is a downloadable ebook, you can start reading and increasing your wine knowledge and enjoyment literally minutes from now…even if it’s 3 a.m. in the morning or a holiday weekend…and from any computer in the world!

This also allows me to combine multiple classes and lots of other content into one book for less than the price of attending one wine class. In this course you simply download your book to your computer.

I believe there will come a time in the near future when you are at an occasion that has wine and one of two things will happen.

1. You will realize that you are truly enjoying wine for the very first time. You’re not intimidated, you know what wine to order and there are people in the room who ASK YOU about wine!

2. You do nothing today and at this party you will continue to do what you have always done, feel a little left out, hope the wine you are drinking goes with what your are eating. You won’t have the confidence to try new varieties and you will be stuck drinking the same ole wine over and over. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY!

Just click on the Add To Cart button below. Once your complete your payment information, you’ll receive instant access to our Really Fun Wine eBook and you can start reading and learning from it right away! Read more…

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