– How To Make Green Tea

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Discover How To Make Your Own Green Tea! "I Guarantee That My Tea Will Make You Lose More Weight, Feel WAY Better, & Prevent More Harmful Diseases Than ANY Tea Treatment On The Planet!" —————————————————————————————————-

Dear new friend, I know what you’re thinking – tea? Really? You’ve probably seen the commercials or read the reports on this fascinating and worldwide trend in personal healing and weight loss…

I’m hear today to show you that it’s all TRUE, however the only thing that these diet companies and green tea manufacturers don’t want you to know, is that you can MAKE YOUR OWN magic green tea that’s EVEN MORE POWERFUL than their stuff, and safer too. If you’re trying to get healthy, increase your blood circulation, get your heart beating properly, enhance your energy, and lose weight like it’s nobody’s business, then you MUST read this page, otherwise you’re going to get suckered and scammed into the next site you look at or go back to look at… Green4Tea is the perfect all-in-one solution for SO many problems, in fact just off the top of my head, here are a few of the vital benefits various green tea’s offer:

Now it’s a no brainer that you can purchase green tea online from many retailers for $70-$200, and they’ll promise you everything under the sun to retain you as a customer – but TODAY you’re going to learn how to make your own for less than $20, and it will make twice as much tea for you (and work better – hehe – I know I’m pissing off a lot of people with my site – but who cares about corporations and pharma companies… they have enough of my money already!) Why the ‘other guys green tea doesn’t work HALF as well as mine: I tried the apparent ‘super duper’ and ‘best of the best’ tea diets on the market. In fact I might start another site just to show my own review of all of them because 90% of them sucked, tasted bad, had the wrong aromas (more like odors), and did nothing for my health (ok some did work a little however it was sparatic and minimal to be generous!). They are manufactured for volume, not quality, not purity, not weight… They have additives even when they see ‘100% pure extract’, and at the end of the day, who cares what a package or box says – the proof is in the pudding (or tea) – and the ones I put my tea up against FAILED MISERABLY~! My family started edging me to learn more about these tea diets because they know I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my research (and my weight now too!!! I LOVE MY BODY!), and they saw me doing what looked like a science lab experiment with all my tea lol.

Since completing and launching my guide, I’ve had a tremendous response from the internet and am TREMENDOUSLY happy that I’m helping so many people around the world now! Just look at what some of my customers have to say!

What’s best is that my research is still not complete, and every time I find a new study worth noting, I add it to my manuscript and send off the newest version to all those that are in my members area. Today, since my site is starting to get bigger and bigger, I’m going to offer you a great discout and let you also take advantage of this amazing life changing formula for less than half the price my publisher makes me normally charge!

It’s my way of saying an early ‘happy holidays’ and to prepare you for your new years resolution with stealth! That’s not all though, see, this whole ‘self help’ thing you’re trying to go through, is not just about your weight or my formula, it’s about a way of life too – so today I’m going to include a few bonuses that will skyrocket your day to day living into a spiral of well being and a prosperous tomorrow… can you tell I’m excited?

I can’t stop typing!!! Ok here are my bonuses for you (if you can’t see any bonuses – sorry… Read more…


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