Gluten Free Kids Chocolate Recipes

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Pamela is the author of the internationally selling eBook “Amazing Gluten Free Chocolate”

I am a retired Home Economics teacher living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Having studied in Melbourne, I majored in nutrition, food science and biochemistry.

I have maintained a keen interest in nutritional trends for over 40 years and am constantly on the lookout for healthier food options. This was very important to me when I was raising my five children and dealing with the obstacles we all experience while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This book is the result of the anguish I have felt over the years as I have watched my two nephews struggle with their celiac diet. I am proud to offer a solution and it comes in the form of my deliciously smooth chocolate that is not only amazingly healthy but celiac friendly as well.

Are you, like other parents of celiac children around the world, constantly having to say “no” to your child who wants to be allowed to eat all the yummy foods he sees his friends and family eat

In fact, the types of fats which are found in coconut oil and cacao butter are essential for our good health

As a Naturopath I often see clients whose children have celiac disease and they often feel that their children are missing out when they can’t eat foods which contain gluten. This book may provide a solution for them so that their children don’t feel like they are being left out. Many “gluten free” foods are high in sugars and are very processed and these can pose a real danger to children’s health. Gluten is included in many different processed foods, even some where you wouldn’t expect to find gluten. Even commercial chocolate often contains gluten. Gluten shouldn’t be found in chocolate but it is due to the processing methods that are used to make the chocolate.

Many of my clients tell me that they find it difficult to watch their child’s diet in social situations or when they are out and about. There is so much temptation out there, and often their child often doesn’t understand why they can’t eat the foods other children eat. Children who have an issue with digesting gluten often don’t understand that one small slip up causes a cascade of detrimental effects within the body, which threatens their long term health.

Pamela addresses this issue and offers a great solution by going back to nature and finding delicious foods which have great nutritional benefits for everyone. I have always recommended to my clients that they include raw foods in their child’s diet and coconut oil and cacao butter are always two of the key foods that I suggest, when people are trying to increase their metabolism and burn fat.

Pamela’s claims regarding the health benefits of cacao butter and coconut butter have been well explained and researched. People’s fear of fat in our diets has led to the exclusion of some great foods from our diet. As Pamela discusses it is processed fats that are of significant concern for our health, not the nutritious healthy fats which occur naturally in raw foods. In fact, the types of fats which are found in coconut oil and cacao butter are essential for our good health and actually burn more calories than they give the body.

Pamela’s recipes include lots of healthy, raw ingredients most of which are high in anti-oxidants which can reverse aging of the cells. There are so many delicious recipes in this book that no one will ever feel that they are missing out by eating healthy, raw foods.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the power of nature’s foods in keeping themselves and their children healthy and vibrant. Enjoy the fantastic recipes, but remember “moderation”.

Angela Counsel (B HSc Comp Med; Adv Dip Nat; Dip Nut) Naturopath and Nutritionist The Ambaa Tree Natural Health Centre Frenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW

In this book Pamela Vinten is really helping in my endeavour to facilitate healthy change in the average person seeking abundant health. She has written this book laying down the basic understandings of… Read more…

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