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When money is tight, the first thing you trim is your food budget. And with gas prices now eating into your wallet, your food pantry is even more strained. Prospering Families can help. Our Feed Five for Fifty program will teach you the basic skills to get more from your food budget and still eat well. Youll learn how to create a plan, shop smart, and still have money in your budget for household supplies. With a little practice, youll be saving hundreds of dollars a month.

In addition, this software includes a variety of resources for in-depth emergency preparednessso your family will prosper no matter what the world throws at you.

My husband was laid off in February 2010. The company had a reduction in force. We were saddened and shocked that day as well as the few days following. This week is looking very positive with many interviews, follow-up interviews and phone calls. Faith tells me that we will be just fine.

Today I went to the grocery store for the first time since the layoff. I had watched the sales, gathered my coupons and I spent $46 for at least 2 weeks worth groceries.

* Cheerios (.29!!) * Electrasol * Canned Beans (kidney & black) * 5 pounds Tillamook cheese * Eggs (had a buy 1 get 1 dozen free coupon) * Sour Cream * 4 1/2 pound lean ground beef * 4 loaves bread * A Pineapple * 6 pack soda * 9 pounds bananas * 2 boxes Rozini pasta * 2 gallons milk * 5 pounds oranges * Bacon * 5 bottles of pickles (.48! each) * 3 pounds apples

It helped that a new grocery store just opened (Riddleys) and they sent out coupons for free bacon, soda, and a buy 1 get one free on a gallon of milk.

I anticipate spending less than $50 a week on groceries for my family of 6 (4 teenagers) until he finds a job. It can be done. It takes planning and patience and practice, but by using those skills I have already acquired, we can do it!

1. Inventory what I have Luckily I have been working on creating my prepared pantry for 4 years. We have plenty of canned meats, pasta and yes, wheat. I really am hoping I dont have to start using the wheat, but if I do, well, I have lots and lots of recipes! We have a lot of canned goods on hand which meant that my shopping trip yesterday was really only necessary for purchasing dairy, meat and fresh fruit. The meat was a splurge the store had extra-lean ground beef on sale for $1.59 a pound I could NOT pass that up!!

2. Go through my recipe file and search the internet I have a lot of canned chicken so I have been finding all my recipes for different kinds of casseroles, soups and such. It is amazing how much I already have on hand! I love the DVO Cookn Software which I can search with the ingredients I have on hand and it spits out recipes. Takes a lot of the guesswork out of my hands.

We are starting our 11th week of this journey called unemployment. I am still making ends meet; grocery shopping has been minimal and the kids are still holding onto their wants and we are satisfying our needs.

· We have been eating a lot of rice and pasta stocking up on those when sales are great (paired with a coupon) has been a lifesaver.

· I have used up a lot of my canned goods storage, which though not ideal for our health, but it is better than having nothing.

I am so very thankful that we have not had to ask for help financially from any one yet and with a solid job interview today we are hoping that this storm will pass very quickly.

Almost 3 months to the day and my husband starts work again on Monday! I am so thankful I had the tools available to survive including coupon and social networking skills. Our family of 6 (4 kids age 12, 15, 16, 18) did very well. I learned a lot and because I have been preparing for this with the way I have shopped the last 3 years, we had a prepared pantry.

Because of our prepared pantry, we did not have to purchase the following items during the three months:

* toilet paper * paper towels * laundry detergent * toothpaste * soups * salsa… Read more…


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