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Easy to follow, simple to make recipes, all made with a regular household coffee pot or blender. You can Now Save tons of Time & Money, and not have to go out when you just want to be in and have your favorite drink at home. I still love Starbucks & Jamba Juice, but; I too love to save time & money with my Special Recipes easy & fast to make at home in my PJ’s, relaxing with my favorite beverage. "Pitch the Budget!" Save your Money & Make em’ like a PRO… with everyday household appliances.

It’s Out… The BEST Coffee & Smoothie Beverage Book EVER. Recipes for ONE "OR" GREAT for a Party! Everyone WILL Beg "YOU" for these recipes, Easy to follow instructions, Simple to make recipes. Recipes for Everyone… Diabetic? Lactose Intolerant? Dieting? Need Organic? Like Convenience?

For 1 Drink, $4.10 X 3 a week = $12.30 X 4 = $49.20 a month ….. $49.20 a month X 12 = $590.40 A YEAR!

For 2 Drinks, $8.20 X 3 = $24.60 a week, $24.60 X 4 = $98.40 a month, $98.40 X 12 = $1,180.80 A YEAR.

That is more money than most of us Pay for Auto Insurance. With "Mocha Secret ~ Beans & Berries" Recipe Book YOU Will put that Grand back in the bank.

If "YOU" LOVE Mocha’s, Frappe’s or Smoothies, STOP here and grab a copy of this book, 60% off today for you. Mocha Secret offers the absolute BEST "Coffee and Smoothie Recipes" out today, Guaranteed. You can get free recipes anywhere, However, they are not like the recipes in Mocha Secret. You will find the most Delicious Recipes ever out today. Something for everyone… Recipes include: Mocha’s (hot, cold, soy, fat free, sugar free & regular), Frappuccino’s (frappe’s), Smoothies (all fresh, NO additives & NO sugar), Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Smoothies. Make them for ONE or make them for a Party, nothing is held back in this recipe book.

Your friends will beg you for the recipes! What you pay for 3 drinks at Starbucks or Jamba Juice is more than you will pay today for Mocha Secret, and you have the recipes for life. Today is the end of that hard earned search for the Perfect coffee and smoothie recipes. These Recipes WILL Literally SAVE You a Thousand Year! Read more…

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