Chuggington Cake — Cake Tutorial

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Recently I wanted to make something special for my son’s birthday – a Chuggington Cake – but I wasn’t too sure I had the knowledge or experience and just couldn’t find any easy to follow tutorials out there to help me.

I found out that there were others out there looking for a Chuggington Cake tutorial as well so I decided to find a cake decorating specialist who could help make a fantastic Chuggington Birthday Cake for my son as well as walk me through the steps needed and let me take photos of the entire process!

Imagine how much this sort of one on one tuition would cost or how much it would cost to have someone else make this cake for you – and you can get a front row seat to see how it’s done!

We really hope you love our product and we’re hoping to be able to deliver more Cake Tutorials to you in the future. Read more…

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