#1# Top Secret BBQ Sauce Recipe

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" You were right, this Recipe is ABSOLUTELY the best recipe for barbecue sauce in existence! I know, cause I have tried them all! I just wanted to thank you for making it available, it has made me the King of the barbecue in my family and neighborhood". – Bobette Williams, Anchorage, Alaska

"This Recipe makes me feel like I am back in Texas, thanks so much for finally sharing your secrets, Ha, now my friends finally know what REAL barbecue tastes like. – Dori Friend, San Francisco

"What a difference this Recipe has made with EVERYTHING. Not only the barbecue is ALWAYS perfect (no more wasted meat), my favorite is when it runs over into the potato salad. YUMMMM! – Sherri Briggs, Dallas, TX

Barbecueing began in the late 1800’s during cattle drives out West. While on the trail, there wasn’t much to eat and what they did get, was usually the lower quality cuts of beef. The cattle Barons of the times where more concerned about profits then feeding their hands and thus, the cowhands where fed the disposable cuts of beef. The main choice for this was Brisket, which is very tough, stringy piece of meat. However, the cowboys learned that if you left this brisket to cook for a long period of time (5-7 hours) at a very low temperature that what was once a disposable cut of beef became a tasty treat. During this time, the cooks began to experiment with sauces to put on the barbecue beef, thus even making a more tastier piece of beef.

Some cooks became revered for their their barbecue sauces and were the first to be hired onto a cattle drive, thus enticing the better cowhands to join up. You can imagine how secret they kept their recipe, it was not even unheard of for the cook to mix the ingredients at night so the cowhands couldn’t see what went into the sauce.

It is THESE sauces that have made Texas famous for barbecue. And it is the BEST of these sauces that my family has been guarding for decades.

Here are some of our secrets… SMOKER OR GRILL Ideally, a smoker is the best type of cooking device used to barbecue. Smokers come in all sizes and shapes, some burn on wood or charcoal while others are electric. At any rate, the heat from any type of smoker is a cooler heat, which cooks the meat at slower pace, allowing the smoke to penetrate the outer layer of the meat.

Traditionally a grill is used for grilling pork, beef, fish, chicken, etc. directly over a fire that is fueled by gas or charcoal. Some folks think they are barbecuing steaks, when they are actually grilling a steak. You can; however, use a grill to cook meat that you will apply barbecue sauce to. It just takes more patience and attention.

4. To use barbecue sauce as a marinade: Dilute sauce by mixing two beers to each cup of barbecue sauce. Mix well. 5. Never marinade meat with full strength sauce. 6. Only when the meat has finished cooking can you baste with full strength sauce. 7. Cooked meat that has been coated with full strength sauce can only be can be left on the grill for a few minutes, turning the meat frequently to prevent scorching. 8. Keep in mind that you can use this sauce on oven-cooked foods as well. The smoky flavor in the sauce will convince your guest(s) that you spent all day over a smoker or grill!

NOW FOR THE SAUCE: The sauce is the #1 MOST important ingredient for the barbecue. And as you know, there are as many different variations on barbecue sauces as there are people on the planet. So, who are you going to trust? Who’s recipe are you going to invest your time into going to the grocery store, buying the ingredients and making the sauce? Who’s recipe are you going to trust $$ worth of meat to. Who’s recipe are you going to trust not… Read more…

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